Tuesday, May 7, 2013

archlinux update gone bad

so i wanted to try out Steam on linux, for which i had to update my 2 years old arch, cause steam requires new nvidia driver, which i couldn't install without updating everything.

now, i just came back from some 2 weeks holiday, and decided to bite a bullet, and ran pacman -Syu. ouch!

no so fast.. pacman couldn't update itself cause of some glibc madness and /lib symlinking nastiness.

read the wiki, try everything. fail. use -f. good bye arch.

still have debian. boot, download fresh arch install image, dd to usb stick, boot.

no installer? ok. vi install.txt. wth? dumb copy+paste from wiki, with no text from all the links, like "read about network configuration here" :D

no really, 2 pages of useless text, which can only be partially understood by someone with some arch and/or gentoo experience. like myself. ok, do all the bootstrap stuff, format /, mount all partitions, generate fstab, restore /etc/passwd, reboot, try to boot, fail, boot debian, update to new arch / UUID in grub config, reboot. works.
displays some weird error, but look at this later.

wth network doesn't work! ifconfig gone. netcfg gone. documentation? seems to be gone too. hmm...

reboot into debian, google. chroot into arch /, try dhcpd eth0, seems to work. reboot into arch, try dhcpd eth0, doesn't work. ouch.

try netctl-auto eth0. works. how to make arch to do it by default? no idea.

install sudo, configure, add myself to wheel.

pacman -S lots-of-goodness

fail. files not found on mirror.

pacman -Syu
pacman -S lots-of-goodness

systemctl start kdm

fail. read xorg logs. can't load nvidia module. try modprobe. try to uninstall nouveau. try many things. fail. reboot.

network doesn't work. netctl-auto eth0. fail!!! dhcpd eth0. fail!!!!!!!! netctl-auto eth0. fail :-(
smoke 3 cigarettes. netctl-auto eth1. fail. netctl-auto eth2. WORKED! why? no idea.

systemctl start kdm. works!
login into openbox. works. install xterm, compile lxpanelx.
unpack google chrome. run. fail. install missing libs. run. fail. libudev.so.0 missing!

systemd has it now, with a new API, and new so version.
google. no proper fix. symlink. run. works! but for how long?...

try to watch youtube. fail. no sound. add myself to audio group

try to watch youtube again. sound works, but stuttering :(
pacman -S lots-of-deadbeef-compile-goodness
cd deadbeef; git checkout devel; make clean; ./autogen.sh
install make, autoconf, automake, libtool, etc
./configure --disable-gtk3
install gtkglext
./configure --disable-gtk3
make -j8
smoke a cigarette
make install

plays, no stuttering. but my volume control script is broken.
alsa now exposes master slider as mono, so my alsactl sed magic doesn't work.
fix the volctl script to use the PCM slider, which is stereo. works again.

flash audio is still stuttering.
fonts in the browser look like shit.

install yaourt, install ms fonts, install cairo-/freetype-/fontconfig-ubuntu
fonts look good again.

psi+ devs decided to drop arch i686 package. sigh. build from aur. takes a while, but works.

guess if i don't find how to solve flash sound stuttering -- i'll have to switch to another OS..
but i hope it's a temp problem which will get solved after -Syu.

still need to figure out how to use netctl and setup a permanent network connection.

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keltar said...

gentoo have defaulted to systemd-udev (with optional eudev fork, which i use now), and with that eth0 was renamed to much more readable and predictable enp3s0. trollface here, yep. took quite a while to figure out where the hell is my network card